Food brings people together

Food brings people together


Friendship is all about Love. Loving what you do, and sharing it with others. We at Friendship Bakeries want our food to be for everyone, and we want to spread a message of Love.


Friendship foods offers the highest quality food, for the fairest and most affordable price.


Our bakers have been making our signature Friendship Bread since 1971. #LoveTheLoaf


Our highly skilled employees don’t just put in 100% effort daily, but also 100% love.

Friendship Bread

Friendship Bakeries is a happy place, trying to bring more
Joy into peoples everyday lives. Our bread should be something that puts a smile on peoples faces when it’s there, and something they miss when they don’t have it.

Have you tasted our Friendship Bread yet?
If not, then what are you waiting for !?

Love, Unity & Joy.

Friendship Foods represents Love, Unity and Joy and we try to reflect this in every product. Friendship Bread for example was created to bring people together, with one product that really is for everyone.

We believe it should be a common household product that everyone knows. Something that is always there, and is greatly missed when it’s not there. A healthy, affordable, yet tasty treat for young and old, family and friends. Something a parent feels good about giving to their kids, but also something the kids will beg their parents to get more of when it runs out.

This is just one example of how we try to put just a bit of extra Love into every product we sell. Food for everyone.